A comparison of the spanish mass and english mass

Compared with the previous translation used in the United States, the new translation is a much more faithful rendering in English of the third edition of the Missale Romanum the definitive Latin text of the Mass and its associated prayers , promulgated by Pope Saint John Paul II in It was not until college that I regularly attended English Mass. Women cover their heads with veils. We express our faith in union with the people around us, our fellow parishioners. The goals of this investigation are to answer three primary questions in relation to this topic. People dress in there Sunday best, very respectfully and modestly. However, it was through getting to know the community that Alondra became more comfortable despite the lack of the Spanish Mass. Why a New Translation? First, what roles do language and culture play in our understanding of the Mass? There are way more genuflections, bows and blessing to God done by the priest. But in essence, and for the most part, they are satisfied with the New Mass. Children and other people are often invited up around the altar to pray with the presider. The Choir sings acapella or are accompanied by organ music.

I met Vanessa at Visitas. They are not priests.

A comparison of the spanish mass and english mass

No one ever touches God in Holy Communion, other than the priest. Many people are in or walk around the Sanctuary, like the Rock Band or other Choir members. I imagine there are other bilingual students at Harvard who experience these same discouragements at worship services for other faiths. Active participation takes the form of prayer and following along in very detailed missals, which contain the readings and prayers for each Mass. The girls in the Bible Study relate to the same language and culture. Men come dressed in shorts. Scott P. The Direction of Celebration Fr. So please, just for now, let us put aside the argument of the language; Latin or English and go to the prayers and actions that are part of the rubrics of the two masses. The one glaringly bad exception is the one at Am which features Mariachi music. Receiving the Eucharist is an important part of Catholic faith formation. As a priest, I want to re-clarify what are the differences on how Jesus is treated in the two masses. Service at the altar was tied to the idea of the priesthood, which, by its nature, is male. Interestingly, as Pope Benedict has pointed out, the normative musical form for the Novus Ordo, as for the Traditional Latin Mass, remains Gregorian chant, though it is rarely used in the Novus Ordo today.

It also has prayers and gestures that facilitate more easily the adoration that Jesus deserves from us His creatures. Paul Parish, regardless of the language and culture of the Mass.

what is spanish mass like

Large host are used to show that we are all one body, and when they are broken, large particles shoot all over the corporal, altar and floor. While people may be able to recognize pieces of the Mass in both languages, the words and verbal responses of the Mass are obviously linguistically different.

The final decision, however, was left to the bishopthough most have chosen to allow altar girls. Many women come to mass dressed in sexy clothes, low necks, tight pants and shorts. The songs I am used to are very much Mexican.

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Spanish Mass at Harvard