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It is far from clear what this means in practice, since it is not self-evident what prenatal redemption amounts to. Teacher reflection in a hall of mirrors: historical influences and political reverberations.

But this will only occur when those with religious perspectives regard themselves as integral to society and capable of making a contribution that will stand alongside, and complement, a range of other perspectives. Protestant voices can largely be dated back to the latter part of the s, although there are examples of input in the s. In recent years, deprofesionalization of the work of teachers has intensified in many countries throughout the world in response to pressures from neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies and the very idea of public education is in doubt in many places eg. Teacher research as professional development for P educators in the U. Teachers are denied the opportunity to do anything but fine tune and adjust the means for accomplishing ends determined by others. From this one has to conclude that all embryological knowledge should be obtained from research on non-human mammalian embryos. For MacKellar [ 23 ] embryos are always completely whole, no matter what their stage of development. It was essentially a political construct with a tenuous ethical basis [ 62 ].

Ironically, despite Schon's very articulate rejection of this technical rationality in his book The reflective practitioner, "theory" is still seen by those who use this approach to reside only within universities, and practice to reside only within schools. New York: Seabury, Category E, with its technological imperialism, points to the many ways in which the simple case of IVF encountered in the s has been extended socially and technologically in the intervening years.

D is child and family centered, placing stress on infertility, while E is desire centered, driven by technological imperialism. Teaching was largely seen as a largely technical process to be directed by either what people in schools or at the university wanted them to do and for the most part our students did not see teaching as a moral and ethical activity over which they had any control eg.

Seismic reflection Further information: reflection seismology Seismic waves produced by earthquakes or other sources such as explosions may be reflected by layers within the Earth.

Just as the case with teacher reflection, teacher development and empowerment should not be viewed as ends in themselves.

A case study was provided by the US situation in the year when then president George W Bush became embroiled in the debate and introduced a ban on federal funding for research on newly created ESC lines [ 62 , 63 ]. What is not revealed is the theoretical, political and epistemological baggage that people bring with them. A third aspect of the failure of reflective teacher education to promote genuine teacher development is the clear emphasis on focusing teachers' reflections inwardly at their own teaching and students, to the neglect of consideration of the social conditions of schooling that influence the teacher's work within the classroom. Today, 25 years after the publication of Donald Schon's The reflective Practitioner, there is still much work going on in teacher education all over the world that is focused on the idea of preparing reflective teachers. Research has also shown the importance of teacher educators modeling the kind of thoughtfulness and praxis that they expect from their student teachers Loughran, Push on a freight train or a feather to increase its speed, and the resistance you feel reflects its mass. Seeking common ground The dominance of what amounts to an anti-science, or irrelevance-of-science, standpoint poses problems for the influence that religious voices can have on public debate, other than to serve as voices that repeatedly oppose latest developments. The impression is given that the use of surplus embryos for research is ethically and theologically more problematic than allowing them to thaw. In doing so, I will reflect back on the last 30 or so years that I have been a university teacher educator, in terms of my reading of the international literature and on how I have observed the idea of teacher reflection being used in teacher education programs in the U. Imagine that all of space is uniformly filled with an invisible substance—now called the Higgs field—that exerts a drag force on particles when they accelerate through it. We also have continued to produce work of our own in which our conception of reflective teaching continues to develop and our abilities to foster it continue to improve both in pre-service teacher education eg. For a mental toehold, think of a ping-pong ball submerged in water. Today, atoms are an established component of matter due to the modern capability of imaging individual atoms in matter with such tools as scanning-tunneling microscopes.

Portfolios and their consequences: developing as a reflective practitioner. From this one has to conclude that all embryological knowledge should be obtained from research on non-human mammalian embryos.

None is unchanging. A precautionary approach may hesitate to use them, in the same way that the precautionary approach is being used to enhance the moral status of the embryo [ 54 ]. Both positions reject the notion that any common ground exists, and that productive dialog is possible. Teachers' work in a globalizing economy. The physics community had, for the most part, fully bought into the idea that there was a Higgs field permeating space. A problem with certain religious positions is that they assume they have infallible insights into questions such as the moral status of the in vitro embryo, insights that have to be accepted by everyone else including those who do not accept the validity of their theologically-derived premises [ 70 ]. Closely related to this persistence of technical rationality under the banner of reflective teaching, is the limitation of the reflective process to consideration of teaching skills and strategies the means of instruction and exclusion of reflection upon the ends of education and the moral and ethical aspects of teaching from the teacher's purview.

However, it did not invalidate all that had gone before; instead, it showed clearly both the limitations of the previous theory and the domain in which the previous theory is valid as an excellent close approximation, useful because it is much simpler both conceptually and mathematically than the full general theory of relativity.

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A critical analysis of reflection as a goal for teacher education