An essay on the heroism of odysseus and achilles

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list the differences and similarities between achilles and odysseus

Odysseus and Achilles are alike by: their rage toward others, they are both favored by Athena, and both are sexually frustrated and they are unalike by: their war tactics, their endings, and they are praised for different reasons.

However, at his worst he behaves like a selifsh child while denying to give up on his anger to rejoin the battle and acts like a brutal beast when he goes on a rampage to kill Hektor, in order to revenge his dear companion Patroklos' death.

Essay about Odysseus : A Hero For Triumphing - Odysseus is often times considered a hero for triumphing, for living through the many challenges that he has to face over the course of The Odyssey.

An essay on the heroism of odysseus and achilles

It was only by accident and divine intervention that the foolish Paris felled Achilles with an arrow to his unprotected heel. Epic heroes have been around for a very long time, their stories born as the creation tale for the places of their origin.

Or, it is how they battle, whether it is physically, mentally, or linguistically Odysseus is a true Greek epic hero. The Netherlands: E. The Odyssey, 3. For Achilles, this meant forgetting his wounded pride and jealousy, and returning to the battlefield to avenge his slain companion Patroklos.

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He is shown to be selfish and clueless to the needs and views of his crew and others

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Achilles and Odysseus Essay Example