An introduction to the structural arrangements of the social psychological perspective

These are all notable steps in the recent development of social psychology, but it seems necessary to repeat here what has already been said previously, namely, that what social psychology needs most at the present time is the advance of concrete and detailed investigation within its own field of operations.

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Wealth The total value minus debts of what is owned. Human beings have formed political units, such as nations, within which the use of violence is strictly regulated and which, at the same time, are organized for the use of violence against outside groups. Demographic transition The demographic change experienced in Western Europe and North America since the industrial revolution in which the birth rate has declined so that it is about equal to the death rate. Structural-functional perspective One of the major theoretical perspectives in sociology, developed by Talcott Parsons: focuses on how the various parts of society fit together or adjust to maintain the equilibrium of the whole. Thus, system justification represents people's motivation to perceive the social structure as good, fair, legitimate, and deserved. Deterrence theory The view that certain qualities of punishment-- such as certainty, swiftness, and severity-- will help prevent others from committing crimes that have been so punished. Cult An organized group of people who together act out religious feelings, attitudes, and relationships; may focus on an unusual form of worship or belief. Social psychology attempts to understand the complex relationship between minds, groups, and behaviors in three general ways. The fact that a group experiences collective trauma does not negate the resilience of certain individuals Bonnano, , nor the fact that the DSC might be perceived as a positive and necessary event by specific subgroups e. Gender gap Differences in the way men and women vote. Social structure is sometimes defined simply as patterned social relations—those regular and repetitive aspects of the interactions between the members of a given social entity.

Not many social psychologists in this country will agree with this descriptive statement as a whole, but certainly few will take objection to the estimate of the task that is before social psychology at the present time, which it incorporates.

Id In Freudian theory, a concept referring to the unconscious instinctual impulses-- for instance, sexual or aggressive impulses. Objectivity Procedures researchers follow to minimize distortions in observation or interpretation due to personal or social values.

Folk psychology has accordingly become more closely identified with anthropology than with social psychology as specialized fields of investigation.

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Bias The influence of a scientist's personal values and attitudes on scientific observations and conclusions. The Mead project exercises no control over that copyright.

An introduction to the structural arrangements of the social psychological perspective

Tournament selection An educational pattern in which a continual process of selection serves to weed out candidates; winners move on to the next round of selection and losers are eliminated from the competition. Even though social psychology arose out of the need to understand the emergence of dramatic social changes, such as the Jewish holocaust and the unwavering obedience of SS guards Zimbardo, , social change never took off as an important subject for social psychology. Competitive behavior is governed by rules and limitations restraints. Cultural revolution The repudiation of many existing cultural elements and the substitution of new ones. Verstehen The effort to understand social behavior in terms of the motives individuals bring to it. Income The sum of money wages and salaries earnings plus income other than earnings. Otherwise, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage or retrieval system, for the purpose of profit or personal benefit, without written permission from the Mead Project. After this article, there have been few attempts to revive both the concept and the study of social change in the field of psychology e. Even events viewed by many as largely positive, such as the ending of Apartheid, involve DSC, as they provoke widespread uncertainty. Proposition A statement about how variables are related to each other. In answer to the question, "What is their essential nature? Alienation The separation or estrangement of individuals from themselves and from others. Social mobility The movement from one status to another within a stratified society. Rank Place in a social hierarchy. Game A form of play involving competitive or cooperative interaction in which the outcome is determined by physical skill, strength, strategy, or chance.

The goal of this article is to challenge the assumption in social psychology that the social context of individuals is stable. Dyad A group composed of two people.

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An Introduction to Sociology