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computers in future

The possibilities with machine learning are endless as long as the computing power of the smartphone keeps up. In the early grades, computer games are used to interest the young student to learn We use computers at homes, schools, banks, hospitals, and many other places.

So far computers haven't overcame peoples' brains, but in the near future computers will be more intelligent than we could ever dreamed about it.

The problem is with face id the person could just hold a picture of your face and the phone would unlock. Many people shaped the world by making the efforts to develop technology.

With each new generation, the circuitry has gotten smaller and more advanced than the previous generation before it. Short essay on computer for class 4 Family.

Future computer features

How will these affect the business use of computers? One way is the ability students and teacher have to write a paper using Microsoft word processor. Fulfill them on my cat essay in order to please select ten countries, 7, women in our online essay on cherry fruit. The government of India made computer education compulsory in school, colleges, And other educational institution for their future benefits. Then, a computer might retrieve some supplemental information that could help the stumped student better understand the context of what he's reading. Example of the area where machine learning is heading include the following: — Virtual personal assistants Siri, Google Now, Alexa and many more are some of the many popular examples of virtual assistants. For example, cars, traffic signals, medical equipments, and most jobs today require the use of computer. Understanding computers in your thesis topics. The computer also has disadvantages that It can be operated only by a literate person. There are many things that are done differently in schools now and that goes for all age groups. The computer is a very reliable device which can help people to store extensive data in it. The cheapest computer has at least the basic tasks such as mathematic that help you when you need to doing something in short time. We use computers at homes, schools, banks, hospitals, and many other places.

My first time technology has resulted in almost every field.

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