Evaluate extent an individuals participation over time represents the balance of activity associated

I should working with person-centred approach.

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Close fridge The cost of lives is not the only payment for obesity, the nation suffers economically as well by paying more for health care Kottke, et al.

This is achieved by presenting the aforementioned activities to the service user, highlighting the pros and cons and let them decide what to do and whom they want to do it. Sometimes positive reinforcement can be something what individual really like - for example, watch their favourite programme, maybe eat favourite meal, e.

Assess the levels of help an individual would need to participate in a range of new activities In this case management is to help the client attain a higher level of activities if this is not met, then we need to assess why the first plan did not work and create a new plan.

True person centred planning and thinking should develop and grow with the individual as they also develop and grow. Switch toaster on and set dial 7. It lets them know that I am interested in what they are doing or saying. Task analysis refers to breaking down tasks into small, manageable steps as in recipes or DIY guides.

Levels of help refers to graduated levels of assistance, from simple verbal reminders providing the lowest level of support to actual physical guidance providing the highest level.

You can use positive reinforcers can help you encourage your client to do everyday tasks you need them to perform. The two factors are personal factors and socio cultural factors. Personal factors are those that factors that are unique to a particular person and directly affect that person's regular capacity to be involved in sport and physical activity.

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