Policies and practices

Employees also have a responsibility to maintain our work environment including reporting hazards and working toward preventing accidents. Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying. They help employees to understand what is expected of them. As we plan for the future, we will continue to explore opportunities to reduce our energy usage throughout all operations.

They prevent the wastage of time and energy involved in repeated analyses for solving problems of a similar nature. Policies set patterns of behavior and permit employees to work more confidently.

linking hr policies and practices with strategic goals in order to improve business performance

Appropriate policies also reduce the risks of breaches of legislation, such as incidents involving discrimination and bullying, and help employers manage an incident of misconduct if it occurs. Policies should be clearly communicated and explained to employees regularly, including during the induction process.

list of hr policies

You must be logged in to ask a question. As these specific sessions will be hosted annually, it will be possible to consider these topics in light of a medium-term vision, to study new trends from one session to the next and to guarantee a regular follow-up.

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Social values and customs[ edit ] Social values and customs have to be respected in order to maintain consistency of behavior throughout the organization. We discourage giving or receiving gifts to ensure business relationships are not compromised or improperly influenced.

The Vomela Companies and its affiliates regularly donate graphics, banners, decals and signage to Community programs and non-profits.

Employee relations strategies policies and practices

Employee handbooks and individual policies and procedures to help clarify your organisation's expectations. They are also known as Implied Policies. Organizations may also want to consider how realistic it is to enforce a policy fairly or keep it up-to-date as these have the potential to create issues amongst employees. Our Drug and Alcohol policy is strictly enforced with no exceptions. They help develop your company culture. Best practice audits so your organisation continues to develop. The objective is to identify political, economic and societal trends in Europe, to define present-day and imminent societal needs and to offer realistic and pragmatic answers to the challenges ahead.
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Policies and practices