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To ensure they could continue doing business, Torrio and Capone initiated an intimidation effort on the day of the election, March 31,to guarantee their candidate would get elected.

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After he was caught bribing guards, however, Capone was sent to the notorious island prison Alcatraz in He appeared many times on newspapers all over the country. Capone and McGurn decided to kill Moran.

He died of cardiac arrest on January 25, Al, as most people knew him as, was perhaps the most famous of all American mobsters. Length: eight pages, this includes the bibliography and footnotes endnotes are acceptable.

These ideals go hand in hand with each other; freedom allows for capitalism to flourish and, in turn, allows equal opportunity for every citizen Capone helped to support his family by taking on a variety of odd jobs; such as a pin setter and cloth cutter, while maintaining a membership in the local Five Points Gang.

Shortly after this incident, inin New York he was arrested because there were suspicions that he murdered somebody. In order to create more of a fiction novel, Capote mixes his journalistic elements with fictional elements, he inserts in his own opinion and creates a story What was supposed to end this wild behavior of mindless drinking and crime spawned new economic problems and gang wars in major cities around America Final Days Capone spent the first two years of his incarceration in a federal prison in Atlanta.

Capone changed crime into a profession, which in turn made it a business. There are several cases on record about Capone in which the cases became more clearer when put in the light of an analysis of how the mafia enterprise strives.

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