Saving money essay spm

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This will lead you to be more careful and become wise shoppers in the future. First of all, no one can predict the future. What can you do to solve those problems if you do not have any savings as it is not a good solution to use our salary for such thing since we have a lot of other commitments out there in our future.

Saving money essay spm

Find out what your spending leaks are and learn how to trim those expenses so you can save even more money. The school could save a ton of money to buy other things needed for the classroom if everyone stepped in and helped make it eco-friendly. For example, we may need money for medical treatments especially the good and quality ones. Saving money should be adapted to our daily life. Allow me to present an example. With the versatility of money, it comes as no surprise that people like to hoard it. The whole merry cycle continues again and again until person Z hold the money and everyone else has died of starvation. In my opinion, if we can control our costs at home with some thought, some change and planning, we can reduce monthly expense and save much more money. I understand that sometimes you did not have money to buy things because I faced this kind of problems before. Therefore, the reader does not have any idea as to who your target audience is. Another example is the Weimar Republic hyperinflation in the early s, where it is rumored that 3 billion German marks would buy a loaf of bread. There are always unexpected expenses like wedding gifts, funerals and birthdays.

For an ESL, you are doing a very good job in expressing yourself in written English. Start at the store with the financially responsible - commerce - homework words - 2 pages in debt.

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So in your first paragraph, you could have simply said "You mentioned in your letter The journal functions as a planner, diary, to do list, creative writing journal, sketchbook, or all of the above. We need that assurance that we are safe financially to enable us to lead a normal life.

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Ways of Saving Money Essay Example