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A certified fitness instructor with decades of dance training, she has taught older adults, teens and kids. Organized sports were not the only way that Americans amused themselves. Near the end, the Boston Celtics began a dynasty that would last through the following decade. Championships in and ; the French title in ; the Wimbledon title in and ; and five Grand Slam doubles titles. Chuck Cooper was drafted by the Boston Celtics in , earning the title of first black player to enter the National Basketball Association. Television brought sports -- from professional bowling and boxing to college football bowl games -- into family rooms across the country, creating a new generation of diehard fans. During the winter, Americans turned to basketball.

He was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame in and in he became the first professional athlete in any sport to have his number retired when 42 was universally removed across all major league teams.

Jackie was inspired by his older brothers to pursue his love of sports and while in high school he lettered in football, baseball, track and basketball. In the s, other professional sports were insignificant in comparison to baseball.

In the s there were numerous western expansion and mergers and by the end of the decade there were major franchises in California.

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While there he became the first athlete to letter in four sports: baseball, basketball, football and track.

Before s began the minor league baseball shrunk to the point it was barely half its original size. He went on to have one of the most celebrated careers in baseball history.

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Advertisement Boxing Championship titles changed hands in four boxing division ina good average for 14 title matches.

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