Technical and vocational education essay

It is the notion of many parents and by extension the society that TVET means a plain supplier of skilled labour to the workforce and is unable to be on the same plateau as those persons pursuing medicine or law.

Vocational education act essay

Vocational education helps students apply their learning practically and expertise in a specific field. Students in India are encouraged to score well and seek admission in a good college whether it imparts vocational training or not. Can I earn more money with a college degree or by going straight to work after high school? He cuts a sorry figure if employed in business. This can be a major drawback. Vocational education will help job-seekers get employment and meet the need of skilled professionals in India. Technical education if imparted on an extensive scale to the youth of-our country will not only make them self-sufficient but also raise the standard of living of our masses. Vocational schools provide vocational training on post secondary level, higher education level, and further education. A graduate is not fit for anything but for clerical work in a petty office.

The students with vocational training have advantage over the college pass outs. Furthermore, Teachers are primarily hired for their technical knowledge and not on their teaching skills.

Students get real working environment during vocational programs.

Speech on vocational education for asl

For example, a graduate of a two-year IT course may find it hard to compete with a computer engineer who has a four-year degree. With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. Every industry or company today is looking for skilled and efficient employees. While these professionals often are very good at what they do, it can be hard to convey that information in a way that other people can use and learn. Vocational course is the best option for those who cannot manage the expenses for college degree. The only requirement for giving technical and professional guidance to our young men and women is It alone can solve many problems at the same time. If, during the education period, our young men and women are taught to do so many things with their hands, many of them will not run after small jobs. Technical education will provide a training of the head and the hand. Vocational education also popular as technical or career education provides clear edge in career goals as it provides expertise and knowledge in specific discipline. Traditionally, vocational education focused on few trades like welder and automobile mechanic and was mainly enrolled by lower social classes.

Thus, easy and fast employment is a major advantage that students with vocational training have. It is flexible, it reinforcesit fosters independent learning, while providing immediate transfer of skills.

Technical and vocational education essay

It will also help in ending the unemployment problem. The courses are diverse and can be classified into various categories such as commerce, home science, hospitality and tourism, health and para-medical, engineering, agriculture and others.

benefits of vocational education

Most high schools offer some form of vocational education program. Vocational education has immensely diversified over the period of time.

Many students in high school lack vocational training that could increase their future success, and many students with disabilities. A man who receives literary education may despise manual work.

importance of technical and vocational education
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Technical and Vocational Education Essay Example