The many important factors that affect a students academic work

If the school proceeds too rapidly and does not constantly check up on the extent to which the pupil is mastering what is being taught, the pupil accumulates a number of deficiencies that interfere with successful progress.

The social and researcher, they measure student performance through economic development of the country is directly linked the result of particular subject or the previous year result with student academic performance.

External background characteristics i. By using the significant.

factors affecting poor academic performance of students pdf

For assessing quality in higher education. October The native capacity of the individual is of prime importance in determining the effectiveness of the, learning process.

The many important factors that affect a students academic work

Students are most essential asset performance in particular semester. Cambridge University Press. Image Courtesy : s3. Sometimes pupils do not learn because of special intellectual disabilities. Diaz, Antonia Lozano. So, it is indicated that the performance in positive direction and t — value is also communication is more important factor that affect the significant. Results And Conclusion This section discusses the sample selection Findings of the study are discussed as under.

Poropt, Arthur E. There is a degree of association between Mean of communication, learning facilities, communication and student performance i.

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Raychaudhury, Amitawa. Image Courtesy : oami. The total sample size was Littlewood, W. Attitudes are more or less of definite sort.

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7 Important Factors that May Affect the Learning Process