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When the cotton season comes to an end, the rainy season begins. Inside the barn is a starving man and his young son. Why do you think this novel continues to have such wide, popular appeal? One of these performances was filmed and shown on PBS the following year. They encounter many obstacles on the journey, as well as warnings that the jobs they expect in California are illusory. A group of men approach the meeting under cover of darkness, and one of them strikes Casy with a pick handle, killing him. Babb met Steinbeck briefly and by chance at a lunch counter, but she never thought that he had been reading her notes because he did not mention it. When the officer comes to, Jim turns himself in in order to divert attention from Tom who needs to continue on with his family. And that's only half the story. As the Joads near California, they hear ominous rumors of a depleted job market. Steinbeck then provides a description of the tactics that car dealers use to exploit impoverished customers. Although the Joads press on, their first days in California prove tragic, as Granma Joad dies. From an early age, his schoolteacher mother imparted a love of learning and language.

Both Casy and Tom put these words into practice as they fight for the rights of the oppressed and less fortunate. By alerting and organizing the men in the camp, Tom helps to defuse the danger. No specific characters emerge initially; this is a technique that Steinbeck will employ several times in the book, posing descriptions of events in a large social context against descriptions of events more particular to the Joad family.

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Both Casy and Tom put these words into practice as they fight for the rights of the oppressed and less fortunate. He has not eaten for days, giving whatever food he had to his son. Tom arrives at the home of his Uncle and finds his family preparing to set off. Tom offers for Jim to join him on his journey home. When the rising waters begin to fill the boxcar, the Joad family leaves. At which points in the book does the power in the family gradually shift from Pa to Ma? They encounter many obstacles on the journey, as well as warnings that the jobs they expect in California are illusory. Despite the fact that the Joad family does not appear in any of the intercalary chapters, much of the events described in each of those chapters foreshadow the experiences of the Joads. The journey to California in a rickety used truck is long and arduous. How The Grapes of Wrath Got Its Name "Battle-Hymn of the Republic" Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on. Bad Religion lead vocalist, Greg Graffin , is a fan of Steinbeck's. When Ma tells Tom about this, he decides to leave the family and go off alone, determined to fight for the cause for which Casy died. A government-run camp proves much more hospitable to the Joads, and the family soon finds many friends and a bit of work. The author regularly utilizes symbolism, motifs and narrative to bridge the connection between each intercalary chapter and its accompanying narrative chapter. Tom is more concerned with the here and now, not the moral circumstances of his actions.

Al Joad Al becomes suddenly indispensable to his family, since he's the only one who can keep their precious truck running. As soon as they have sold the last of their belongings and are ready to go — all except for a reluctant Grandpa who would much rather stay on his land than embark on a long journey West.

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Rose of Sharon gives birth to a stillborn child, and Ma, desperate to get her family to safety from the floods, leads them to a dry barn not far away. He gave up the ministry after realizing that he found little wrong with the sexual liaisons he had with the women in his congregation. Since the police can only enter the camp if there is trouble, they intend to plant intruders there who will instigate violence. The Joads meet Ivy and Sairy Wilson, a couple plagued with car trouble, and invite them to travel with the family. Jim is killed instantly. Still fearing the authorities, Tom continues to hide and his mother leaves food for him. Rose of Sharon recognizes the horrible fate that awaits the man if he does not soon eat and offers him her breastmilk. The gates of the camp are blocked by a large group of men waving and shouting. When a man arrives seeking workers to pick fruit, Floyd asks for the proposed wages in writing.

The Joads plan to go to California on account of flyers advertising work in the California fields. Major Characters in the Book Tom Joad Just released from prison as the novel begins, Tom is quick to fight but fundamentally decent.

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Dilapidated cars and trucks, loaded down with scrappy possessions, clog Highway it seems the entire country is in flight to the Promised Land of California.

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