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Fhotoroom Fhotoroom is a very popular windows 10 app which offers very cool features about image editing. Phonto app also gives you option to install additional fonts if you are not satisfied with the pre-installed fonts of the app. If you are unable to choose the filters or understand which one to choose then Shaker Mode of this app can automatically apply the best filters to your photos. When writing file names, keep them short and descriptive! And free tools by Microsoft, Google, and others make it easy to create your own charts and graphs. So why do you need to add photos to your blog posts when your words should be enough to entice your audience, engage visitors, and persuade people that your content is great? You can also add your own colors to the pallet and ensure every image you create has your own branding.

You can easily remove scratches and surface breaks from the photos. You would need to purchase an additional license. About the author: Giulia Simolo is a freelance journalist who has always been passionate about writing. Consider these tips: 1.

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This will make your screenshot cleaner. Rights Managed: Normally with these images, you purchase a single-user license for the particular image in question. Mextures Mextures is known as best app for adding text to images and edit the photos.

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This app is awesome in making awesome pictures to post on social media and to share with your friends or family. Conclusion: These are few top image editing software and apps with the text writing feature. This app enables you to create your own beautiful quotes on your photos. Make tools of the app can help you to edit the makeup of photos as well. Guess what? Imagery should be an integral part of all blog posts. Like I mentioned before, every image needs to add something to the post. This windows software can be directly downloaded from the official link above without any cost for free. Got it? Always ask yourself: does this image add any value? Even though the actual content is the same, which of the two images below would you rather read? The picture is the first thing readers will see, so make sure it grabs their attention by being bold and colorful.

However, every website will have its own requirements for how you source images and where you can use them, so take your time to read their terms of use. Using your own branding in your blog post images will give you a sense of ownership over your content.

Remember not to skimp on the featured image as well. This powerful program could provide you with dozens of templates for your preference, such as Wedding, Memory, Kids, Holidays, Birthday so on.

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